Reiki in The Hawaii Hochi, 1937-1938



This is an ongoing, collaborative project I am working on with HIRANO Naoko from Waseda University to produce translations of a series of articles in The Hawaii Hochi regarding the Hawaiian teaching tour of Hayashi Chūjirō from October 1937 to February 1938.


I am starting with just a few of the most interesting articles, but there are about thirty more articles and advertisements about Reiki and Reiki workshops that I will post in coming months.




1937年9月30日 「霊気療法の林忠次郎氏来布 令嬢キヨエさん同伴 土曜日秩父丸で」 
September 30, 1937 – “Reiki Ryōhō’s Hayashi Chūjirō, accompanied by his daughter Kiyoe, will arrive in Hawaii on Saturday on the Chichibu Maru”

1937102「霊気療法の林忠次郎氏来布 在郷海軍々医大佐 十二月まで滞在」

October 2, 1937 – “Reiki Ryōhō’s Mr. Hayashi Chūjirō Arrived in Hawaii — Ex-Naval Surgeon and Captain — Will Stay Until December”

1937年11月20日「保健治病の福音 霊気療法講演会 来る廿四日午後七時 講演者林忠次郎氏」
November 20, 1937 – “The Gospel of Preserving Health and Healing Disease—Reiki Ryōhō Lecture—The Coming 24th, 7 PM—Lecturer Mr. Hayashi Chūjirō”

1937年11月27日「霊気療法講演 多大の感銘与う 聴衆二百余名の盛況」
November 27, 1937 – “Reiki Ryōhō Lecture Leaves a Big Impression — A Great Success with Over 200 Attending”

1938年2月22日「皆様の御厚情に衷心より感謝す 林氏の告別放送」
February 22, 1938 – “I appreciate everyone’s kindness from the bottom of my heart—Mr. Hayashi’s Farewell Address”

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